Mission Statement

PV Players’ Mission Statement


To be acknowledged as the highest quality non-profit theatre, with the greatest diversity of both programs and people.

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for Southern Californians to participate in creative experiences that enrich their lives and promote a sense of community.

This is achieved through:

Being a forum for on-stage and off-stage personnel to hone their professional and personal skills.

Presentation of plays that cover a wide spectrum of tastes and difficulty.

Group discussions of plays and their value to the community .

Learning from each other the skills required to effectively perform the arts and crafts of theatre.

Mentoring new members’ and youth’s participation in theatre.

To provide audiences with presentations that evoke not only human emotions, but philosophical contemplation and critical thinking as well.

This is achieved by:

Presenting theatrical productions that appeal to the widest possible taste at affordable prices.

“Reach out” activities that engage the elderly, children, service groups and the like, by taking part in community fairs, meetings, etc.


PV Players holds to the following:

Openness – all members of the community are welcome

Excellence – we are satisfied with no less than our best efforts

Challenge – we will pursue experiences that are new, more difficult than before and full of discovery

Appreciation – of skills of all levels and for the values of the wider society in which we live.