We at PV Players are always looking for new faces to join our “cast” of volunteers, people who have unique expertise as well as those with no expertise but unlimited enthusiasm. If you’ve ever been interested involunteering with a play but wanted to know first just a little bit more about it before opening your mouth, here’s a brief “behind the scenes” pictoral on what you could learn and enjoy when you play with the actors, who themselves are also volunteers.

Interested in the live theatre, but you’re not an actor? Learn rewarding behind-the-scenes theatre skills and join the PV Players family! And there are many ways you can choose to participate.

Before the Play…
Script • Program • Flyer Preparation • Assist Director/Producer • Audition Help • Script Supervisor • Costume Design & Preparation • Set Dressing & Props

During the Play…
Stage Manager/Backstage Crew • Lighting & Sound Operators • Box Office

… and Year Round
Play Selection & Season Planning • Advertising & Mailings • Play Readings & Staged Readings

Interested? You can quickly e-mail us now with your name, phone number and areas of interest at volunteering@pvplayers.org, or call and leave us a message at 310/326-2287.

Thank you for your continued interest and support!